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then open/run program below.


Symantec On-line  Virus Check

Symantec Rapid Release ftp

Symantec Update to the LiveUpdate Program

The Symantec Endpoint Protection Support Tool

Symantec Endpoint Protection 11.0 Top Articles

Symantec Business Support & Knowledge Base Search for All Products


Microsoft Security Essentials

Microsoft Updates

Microsoft Security Portal


Web Site / Download Link

Spybot 2 Main Site
Updated Ninite Installer

  Updated Ninite Installer

Ad-Aware Main Site
Updated Ninite Installer

HitmanPro / SurfRight

Adobe Download Site
Updated AdobeDC Ninite Installer

Ninite Instaler

Speed Test Links

PC PitStop Download Test

Speakeasy Download & Upload Test

Integra Telecom Speed Test

Comcast Speed test Link

Useful Links

Click here for your Internet IP Address

Program to Stop Hijacking
Be-very Careful with this!

Norton Antivirus FREE removal tools

Tool to reset shell\open\command registry keys

HP Media Vault

HP Rebates


Additional Downloads

1&1Affiliate Link

Teamviewer for Windows

Microsoft Cleanup Utility


Misc: Heart Bleed Links

Part #1 is the Patch / Fix to the Heartbleed bug.
Part# 2 is replacing the SSL Certificate!

Below is all the info on the problem.

Here is a page that shows you the problem.
What You Need To Know About Heartbleed bug.

Here is an offline page of the same info dated 04/10/2014

Here is way to test the Web Site for it's Web Security

Here is second site with more testing tools

Process Library - PC Process Information

PCI Vendor and Device Lists

Click here for pop3 email access via WEB

CPU-Z - PC Hardware Inspector



Hostway Server


Time Change Update download for XP & 2k

Click here for 98     &    Click here for help

(Click Here for the settings picture)